Understanding The Nuances of Nature Photography During a Pandemic With Eminent Photographer Alan Bohms


Nature photography is a popular genre that both amateur and experienced photographers love. However, in order to take the best shots, one should practice regularly. The global pandemic has indeed shut down traveling in many places, but this does not mean that one cannot take pictures. There is nature all around, and a photographer who is interested in capturing landscapes and the raw beauty of the world can also start from the comforts of one's home.


Adapting to the pandemic with talented photographer Alan Bohms


Alan Bohms from Nashville, Tennessee, is a nature photographer with several years of valuable experience in the field. He is currently starting his own business in photography and helps younger photographers hone their skills, both with the basics of taking photographs and capturing nature at its best.


In the past year, he has successfully discovered new ways to capture the essence of nature’s beauty even while the world was under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He says the pandemic is changing the globe, and photographers should adapt and learn novel ways to continue their passion or career in the field of photography. For example, he recommends new photographers hone their skills by practicing at home. They can take pictures of a plant or catch their local neighborhood trees or bushes. They can also take snaps of the sun rising or setting. These are definitely some of the best ways to start, he says.


How can you practice photography during the pandemic while at home?


Even if you are stuck at home because of a lockdown, you can still get the chance to practice nature photography without hassles at all. There are several ways for you to get started. You can take many shots of a single object from various angles to experiment with. He suggests you use natural light to capture the best shots.


At the same time, you can also take pictures of animals like cats, dogs, and birds and prep yourself up for wildlife photography. A good photographer knows his camera well, so use the free time you have to know its settings. When you become familiar with the camera, you will not fumble when the time comes for you to take the actual photograph, he says.


Learn to tell stories with your photographs


He says that it is challenging for a photographer to create a narrative with his photographs. However, it is worth the practice. Images can have an exciting or interesting story to tell. He suggests that you should study the images of world-famous photographers online so that you can excel in this art of story-telling with your photographs as well.


Besides the above, Alan Bohms offers many valuable tips about photography on his blog. He loves to share them with anyone interested in nature photography and all forms of photography, for that matter. He suggests that one should also learn the art of photo editing to enhance images, especially when there is poor light or if one wishes to remove some elements of the photograph to make it stand out better.

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