Nature Photographer Evan Dombroski Speaks on The Protection of Winter Photography Gear


When it comes to the world of photography, people generally are exposed to the glamorous part of the field; however, little do they know that professionals need to care, clean, and repair the gear they use for taking images. During the winter season, the weather conditions are very harsh for several surfaces and materials. Lenses and cameras, as well as other pieces of photography gear, need extra care than usual.

Evan Dombroski - How should you take care of your winter photography gear?

Evan Dombroski is talented in nature photography from New York City in the USA. He is fond of taking photographs of wildlife, landscape, and urban green spaces. He says when it comes to the winter months, you need to keep your camera gear in pristine condition so that they function well.

He suggests that you should pack photography gear like lenses, cameras, and mounts in a bag that can be sealed. If you keep everything in a bag that is waterproof, the gear pieces will not freeze. Moreover, moisture from the outside weather will not seep into the bag and damage the items you keep inside it.

Make sure you seal out the freezing air before you place the camera, lenses, and other gear mounts inside the bag.

You should buy good quality products that protect your gear from snow and moisture

In order to take care of your photography gear during the winter, make sure you invest in good quality products. For instance, you should invest in a camera bag that is suited to all climates along with a sturdy tripod. They will give you the protection you need. Invest in specific add-ons to pieces that are vulnerable, like, for instance, an expensive camera.

Use an air blower

Never leave any camera gear pieces untouched after your shoot, as this brings disaster for them. Use an air blower to take out any bits of snow that might have gone inside your camera while taking a photograph. Never wipe the snow off the camera with a cloth or your fingers, as this often melts the ice and permits the water to go inside the gear piece.

You also need to take care of yourself when outside in the snow

It is very important for you as a photographer to keep yourself from freezing in the snow. Moreover, if you are not careful, your brows or nose often catch your camera's metal frame, causing frostbite. Keep this in mind. Before you go to a place to capture winter photographs, know the area and the temperature well.

Evan Dombroski concludes by saying that you should be dressed properly when you are taking photographs during the winter months. Make sure you have winter-ready clothes to capture images, especially if you are outside in the snow.

The same also applies to the shoes you wear. When you know the area well, you can invest in the right shoes and clothes for the shoot. This, in turn, helps you take photographs without tensions, knowing that you and your gear are protected well.

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