Factors That Investors Look For In a Property Deal and Best Real Estate Agencies

Investment is the act of foregoing consumption of money from one's wealth today to enhance future consumption capabilities created by an increase in the value of wealth. Investors can choose to grow their wealth through either real or financial investment asset classes. On the one hand, a real investment refers to a tangible asset class such as plots, lands, machinery and equipment, real estate among others. On the other hand, financial investment asset class refers to intangible assets such as corporate stocks or bonds, which exist in contractual agreements, put in either electronic or papers forms.

We start by looking at the reasons why investors should consider having real estate in their investment portfolio then cover the different real estate property themes and thus, options for investment in real estate and conclude with the factors that investors look at when evaluating real estate deals.

(i)                 Residential Units

 Residential rental property refers to homes that are purchased by an investor and inhabited by tenants on a lease or other type of rental agreement. Residential property is property zoned specifically for living or dwelling for individuals or households; it may include standalone single-family dwellings to large, multi-unit apartment buildings.

Owning a residential property is not all about to lease out at the end. You can buy a residential property to build a home for your family, which has been the case for the residents in different places like Ngong, plots in Matuu , Kangundo and Nakuru.

Some best real estate companies majorly deal with this kind of property when it comes to real estate. Username Investment limited is one of the top-notch companies you can never go wrong with especially for Kenya citizens looking for plots on sale from diaspora and from Kenya.

Residential rental property can be an attractive investment. Unlike stocks, futures, and other financial investments, many people have firsthand experience with both the rental market as tenants and the residential real estate market as homeowners. This familiarity with the process and the investment makes residential rental properties less intimidating than other investments.

On top of the familiarity factor, residential rental properties can offer monthly cash flow, long-term appreciation, advantage using borrowed money, and the aforementioned tax advantages on the income the investment produces. 

(ii)               Commercial Units

In this case, investment can be made into real estate property, which constitutes of one or a combination of offices, warehousing or retail units intended for business usage that can be sold or leased out for by the owner.

Commercial property has traditionally been seen as a sound investment. Initial investment costs for the building and costs associated with customization for tenants are higher than residential real estate. However, overall returns can be higher, and some common headaches that come with residential tenants are not present when dealing with a company and clear leases.

What are the real estate companies to go for these deals?

Username investment limited is one of the leading real estate companies here in Kenya and has been offering this service for the past nine years at affordable prices and in strategic places.

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