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The 21st century has been regarded as the peak of all modern innovation and development. In today's times people can access almost any and every utility with a simple touch, through their smart devices and a stable internet connection. It is this phenomenon that has given rise to the trend of online shopping and is responsible for its huge success. Online shopping is such a huge success that a person can even buy as simple as a notebook online buy. People often prefer to shop online since it is very convenient and often online websites offer heavy discounts. It is no secret that major brands and chains, have started selling their products via the internet, because it allows them to reach a wider target audience.

Why Online shopping is so popular?

You might find it very hard to believe, but online shopping has been around since decades. It is not a relatively new phenomenon, however it has gained popularity with mainstream masses, recently only. Online shopping has morphed people's spending habits and significantly increased them since now people are spoilt for choice with countless options for even the simplest of items. For example if one wishes to make a notebook online purchase, they can simply search for the term notebooks with specifications for what they're looking for and they would be provided with millions of option of different prices and categories to choose from. Online shopping is truly a boon for the modern world. It was already immensely popular, but with the arrival of pandemic and lockdowns, people were left with no choice but to shop online, since it was the safest and only way possible. The Covid 19 pandemic is credited for the huge boost that online shopping witnessed in the past 2 years. Some experts even claim that the growth in the consumer base of online selling platforms or e commerce platforms, in the past 2 years is significantly more than the past decade combined.

It is no surprise that online shopping is nothing short of a blessing for the millennial generation. We live in a fast moving world that is obsessed with saving time and money while maximising comfort and online shopping allows them to do both simultaneously. In the era of e commerce websites, small businesses are also gaining reach and blooming immensely because of the fact that they are able to make their presence felt and product showcased online. Consumers are able to scroll through millions of products of a particular genre itself from the comfort of their homes and this is one of the primary reasons why online shopping is so popular.

Earlier it was considered somewhat risky and people were afraid to pay first and receive a product later, however with modern developments in the field of cyber security and safe internet banking and with safe and secure options like cash on delivery, the consumers have felt relieved and after some regular and shopping, they even start to trust particular websites and retailers. Policies like instant refund, money back guarantee, easy return policies also helps further the cause of online sellers.

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