Cabinets that Compliment Your Walls

Nobody likes interiors that don’t match the aesthetics of your walls and the whole house, right? All our furniture, curtains, cupboards, accessories, d├ęcor, and anything you have in your house and on your walls match to create a chic and aesthetic picture of your house.

How would it look if your cabinets are the only thing in your house that don’t compliment your walls? The cabinets would look like the odd ones out, right? The cabinets wouldn’t match and they would spoil the aesthetic of the whole house, let alone the room they are in, right?

Your cabinets need to complement your walls. Whether it is in your kitchen, bedroom, or in your bathrooms, it is an unwritten rule that they should match and complement or the place would look quite odd and out of place.

Most people prefer to use decorative laminates due to their numerous benefits and advantages. The benefits of having decorative laminates for your cabinets are:

       Everyone has a different design in their house. It is a unique choice that is based on the preferences of those living in the house. To match those unique preferences, decorative laminates come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and designs. This allows people to choose from a wide range of options to match the aesthetics of their homes. You name the design; CenturyLaminates will have it.


       They can easily be customized to meet the requirements and preferences of different people. Because everyone has different tastes, it is very important to have something that the majority of the people can like, that is why decorative laminates are chosen by most people. There is something for everyone and their houses.


       These laminates are stain-resistant and last a long time. Because of their strong nature, they are very durable and are resilient to damage and stains. Although it is a tad bit expensive, the durability and quality make up for it.


       It is more economic than stone or marble. And they are easier to maintain. They can be wiped using a wet or dry cloth because they are easy to maintain, the long-term expenses are reduced.

What are the different applications of decorative laminates?

These laminates are mainly used to decorate or protect furniture. They give the finest finish to ensure that it is a smooth finish. They are mostly used in cabinets in conference rooms, cabinets, walls, and much more to give a classy and aesthetic atmosphere to the room.

CenturyLaminates is a laminate manufacturer and seller of decorative laminates. They provide the best laminates in India; the laminates are made using modern technology which makes them highly resistant to scratches and abrasion or grazes.

The laminates are antibacterial and antiviral, BWR meaning they are boiling water resistant and do not swell or warp, and they are borer and termite proof as they are manufactured using special adhesives. Other USPs of the laminates sold by CenturyLaminates are:

       All the laminates that you purchase come with a warranty of 7 years.

       The laminates are manufactured using ViroKill technology which makes them a great material for laminates in the kitchen. Having ViroKill technology means that it is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiviral.

       They have a wide range of options to choose from. They have different textures, colours, and designs.

       They are stain and scuff-resistant which makes them highly durable and low maintenance.

CenturyLaminates has a range of options like Lucida, Silk Tuff, Anti-fingerprint, Starline, Monocore, Specialty laminates, and much more. Within these options, there are more designs and colour options that customers can choose from to have cabinets that complement their walls.

CenturyLaminates promises to produce and supply products that would make customers happy and their homes shine and beautiful.  

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