Bathroom cleaning hacks to seal the deal!

Having a perfect bathroom is like most of our dreams but such an exotic and of course hygienic can only be achieved by something that none of us enjoy doing- Bathroom cleaning. Bathroom cleaning is something that we just don’t like doing but can’t let go of as well. But the right bathroom cleaning hack can help you get away with a squeaky-clean bathroom with just a little effort. We have curated some amazing bathroom cleaning hacks for you right here that are nothing but the real OG. You can amp up the look and the cleanliness of your bathroom in no time with these bathroom cleaning hacks.

First things first, let’s address some of the burning questions that reside in everybody’s minds regarding Bathroom Cleaning.

Why do we need to clean your toilet and bathroom?

Well, Hygiene is something that none of us should compromise with and that is exactly why we must clean our toilets and bathrooms. Having a hygienic and clean toilet and bathroom reduces the risk of harmful bacterias and germs that are most likely to be found in our bathrooms. To keep our health in check, bathroom cleaning must be on your to-do list.

How often do I need to do bathroom cleaning?

You must clean your bathroom at least once a week. The sink and the toilet both must be cleaned every week to avoid the fear of contracting bacterias like e-coli. In the case of your bathtubs, once every two weeks is just fine.

How to clean Covid Bathrooms?

If you have had a patient at your home who has recovered recently from Covid then you must take extra care in cleaning the bathroom and bedroom used by the patient. Disinfecting is a must in case of an intensive Covid bathroom cleaning but you must wear a mask yourself first before getting started with anything like that.

Should we wipe down our showers after every use?

If you love your shower and are also afraid of water stains then you must wipe the inside of the shower door after every use. This can make your shower look brand new forever. This can be a very important step in your bathroom cleaning regime.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles?

Keeping your Bathroom Tiles clean is an integral step in every bathroom cleaning regime ever. It does sound like a tough job but trusts us, all your Bathroom Tiles need is some extra care. Just some mild scrubbing every week and rinsing can help you go a very long way. Also, make sure that you keep your bathroom dry as much as possible. That’s all with the tiles! Super easy!

Now let’s get down to some life-saving hacks that will help you make your bathroom shine in no time.

  1. Store your showerheads in a bag loaded with vinegar:

Want to get rid of all the dirt and water stains trapped in your showerheads? We are here to your rescue with some hassle-free bathroom cleaning hacks to keep your showerheads super clean. Soak them a bag full of white vinegar for an entire night and wake up to a brand new shower head the next morning. Sounds cool? Thank us later!

   2.  Clear out the vents, faucets, and crevices with the help of Chopsticks:

Yes that’s right! You read it correctly. We suggest you take another good look at your chopsticks but this time with a rather different purpose, use a piece of clothing to wrap the pointy end of your chopstick and use it to clear out the little dirty bits that often get stuck in our vents, faucets, and crevices. There, you have a super easy and interesting hack to get going on your bathroom cleaning days.

   3. Stop your bathroom mirror from fogging:

Irritated with the bathroom mirror fogging up time and again? Well, here's a little tip from us to you. Apply a thin layer of shaving cream on your bathroom mirror before taking a shower and wipe it off. Voila! No more foggy mirrors again. Your bathroom will never look shabby from now onwards and we vouch for it.

  4. Use non-stick cooking sprays to clean your bathroom tiles:

Sounds weird? Let us break the math down for you real quick. These cooking sprays from your kitchen are designed to break oil deposits on your utensils and that is why they also have the power to remove harsh soap scums from your bathroom tiles and bathtubs. A few sprays of this magical product can make your bathroom cleaning session look like a cakewalk. Spray some and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

  5. Baking soda to clean your toilet:

Again, this might have unsettled you a bit but we promise that it's not as lame as you presume it to be. Baking soda is a little bit abrasive and has the superpower to absorb odors. Sprinkling a generous amount of this unique cooking ingredient in your toilet bowl can buy you some more time to get back to it. A real quick hack indeed!

These are some super innovative goof-proof hacks to keep your bathroom cleaning routine simple but effective. You can use them whenever you want and we can promise you a super classy and hygienic bathroom in return. We all know that bathroom cleaning can get difficult at times but with these tips and hacks on board, you can always stay clean.

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