COVID - 19 Protocols and Procedures While At Hopewell Theatre

Hopewell Theatre has always strived to bring dreams to incarnations in the past, present and in future. With an illustrious and luxurious history for more than 135 years, HT has been home to indie art, theatre, films, live music and comedy — all in the embrace of comfort.

As theaters in New Jersey begin to open with relaxed regulations and increasing vaccination, HT too is readying to let all shows commence. The safety of the patrons onstage and off, of the audience and all the workers is our primary concern and uncompromising interest.

Safety Masking

Attending any event at Hopewell Theatre requires you to wear your mask at all times. All the staff within the theatre house will wear the necessary equipment without forgoing the mask. Since performers cannot do so while performing, considerable distance and arrangement is made between the podium/stage and the front seats.

Your entry or ticket will risk being cancelled if you are not wearing a mask inside the theatre house.

Surface Cleaning

All surfaces open to touch will be thoroughly cleaned before the performance and after. Door handles, common areas, touch points in accessibility devices in the theatre will be sanitized thoroughly. Distance between the area uncleaned (usually due to the inconvenience in cleaning it) and the guest/audience/staff will be maintained throughout the theatre’s activity.

Social Distancing

Enough space is provided for people to traverse around the theatre and common rooms without clogging it up or risk reducing the required distance to be maintained between people.

Hand Wash

Many checkpoints throughout the common areas and at the entrances of theatres and rooms are installed along with personnel to help you keep your hands clean. Whether you’re interacting with a friend or an acquaintance as Hopewell Theatre is famous for, or simply readying to dig into some food, many wash stations are dispersed across to ensure your hygiene.

Air Scrubbers

Aerus Air Scrubbers that are installed in the main theatre and subsequently in other common areas are powered to push 400 CFM of mechanical fresh air and 600 CFM of direct fresh air flow into the room. All the HVAC instruments are channeled to remove surface and airborne particles to keep the theatre atmosphere clean. All the air scrubbers are equipped with 13 or related filters and UV filters to effectively freshen the air.

Know Before You Go

Hopewell Theatre events are scheduled as performed in time without causing any inconveniences to staff, performers and audience of the theatre. To all people involved in an event, an email with all the general and specific details of the show is provided as mentioned in the FAQs. But the email will also entail more instructions on COVID protocols, aside from the general norms.

Hopewell Theatre is renowned for its hospitality along with the sheer vibrance of the portrayal of art and their performances that the theatre pushes. Covid-19 has dampened many acts, but they can all be brought to the spotlight with adequate care and precaution that all people in the theatre will be necessitated to follow. 

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