4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dedicated Hosting Plan

Is your business growing fast and so is the traffic on your website? If yes, you will need to switch from shared hosting plans to a dedicated server. The growing resource requirements and the need to have full control of your website’s functioning is possible when you opt for dedicated hosting. Apart from full control over the hardware and software, dedicated server hosting in India also offers root access to the server and a high level of security. But all this comes at a cost. Here is how you can get the most out of your dedicated hosting plans.

Considerations in Choosing a Dedicated Plan

When considering dedicated server hosting, you need to think and have clarity about how much bandwidth or storage you need. Do you need to go overboard and choose the maximum computing power or storage for your website? Hosting providers offer a variety of dedicated server plans, with varying amounts of bandwidth and storage and the no of IP addresses. You can choose the one that fits in with your requirements and always upgrade when required. This will help you save costs.

Here are some ways in which you can get more out of your dedicated hosting plan:

·         Go for Configurations That You Need- Dedicated hosting plans come with varied configurations. Compare the options and match them with the requirements of your growing business. Features to check for include the bandwidth, storage, the CPU cores and processor, operating system, and the type of storage being offered.

·         Managed Hosting Option- If you do not have the technical knowledge and expertise of managing the website or wish to focus on running your business rather than worry about technicalities, you can go for managed to host for your dedicated server. When you opt for managed hosting, your service provider takes over system monitoring, updating of the software and operating systems, security checks, automated backups, disaster recovery, compliance with the applicable regulations, and performance optimization. This not only saves a lot of time for you but also allows you to focus on boosting the revenues of the business.

·         Seek Uptime Guarantee and Round the Clock Support- The continued running of your website and faster loading times are important for the growth of your business. One thing that you should remember while opting for dedicated hosting is negotiating for a higher uptime guarantee. This will ensure that your website runs optimally. Another way in which you can get the most of your dedicated plan is to ensure that the service provider offers you round-the-clock support for maintaining and managing your server.

·         Ensuring Full Security- Hacking of data or DDoS attacks or malware can pull your business down. Such situations can be avoided by choosing a hosting provider that offers DDoS protection, firewall, and SSL certificates besides regular backups. Paying a little extra for a high level of security will save you from cyber attacks that can prove to be very costly.

 Dedicated server hosting allocates you a full server, but a time may come when these resources also prove to be inadequate. This can be handled by ensuring your hosting service provider offers premium and enhanced dedicated server hosting plans in India, which come with higher storage, bandwidth, and other resources.

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