Education - The Most Powerful Weapon

Education is an indispensable part of human lives. Leading a smooth life will be a demanding task without proper education. There are countless benefits that education offers to us. More than the benefits, it is what shapes our lives. Have you ever wondered about life without education? It is really hard even to think about. Without knowing how to read, write, and speak properly, how challenging will that situation be? One of the sad realities that we have to realise is that there are nearly 780 million illiterate adults in the world. Children living in many underdeveloped countries are left with no other choice than to accept their fate and lead an uneducated life. 

Education plays a significant role in shaping the lives of kids. It gives wings to kids and makes them fly high. The way in which kids are educated about things has a strong influence on the personality that they carry throughout their lives. Proper schooling and guidance help kids to better their quality of perception about life. Kids education is an area where parents and teachers have to focus highly. Since education is considered a key for opening multiple doors of opportunities, pointing out and explaining the importance of kids' education is unwanted. Almost everyone has started to accept education as one of the basic necessities after food, shelter, and clothes. Education is not merely a tool to crack any degree or a high-paying career; presently, it is widely considered a key for the overall development of a human being. 

Shine Like a Star 

Almost everyone wanted to present themselves as unique individuals. Have you ever wondered about a way by which people can present themselves as odd from the rest? Some may end their thoughts with the conclusion that it is the physical appearance that makes people different and attractive from others. But, actually, it's not. The real reason that makes a person unique is intelligence. More than good looks, it is the general knowledge and intelligence that makes a person desirable. A person with a good IQ and general knowledge will have a clear idea about the events that are circling around their lives and in society. And thus, general knowledge will ease individuals' lives in numerous ways. 

Humans, by being social beings, must have a general awareness of the occurrences that are taking place. There are a number of ways by which individuals can regularly update their knowledge. One of the primary processes that kids' can follow to strengthen their wisdom is by exercising GK Questions on a daily basis. Teachers and parents can provide them with activities involving general knowledge questions to enhance their social awareness. Apart from improving the academic performances of kids, general knowledge helps them to develop humanity and a mindset to respect human feelings and emotions. Altogether, education provides them with the ideas to transform from a kid into a perfect human being. Like the words said by Benjamin Franklin," An investment in knowledge pays the best interest". Let us start making our children invest in knowledge to yield the best in future. For more learning exercises and kid-friendly topics, visit BYJU'S website. 

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