Top 5 Most Popular Vape Concentrates

Vaping is as popular as ever and offers more choice for flavours than ever before. For those who want more choice over what they are vaping (or perhaps want a custom VG / PG ratio), DIY E Liquids are becoming more and more popular each year.

We’ve taken our pick of the Top 5 Most Popular Vape Concentrates below to give you a head start on making your own custom vape flavours.

Inawera Biscuit

If you were looking to make an E Liquid flavour with a biscuit element, Inawera offer the best biscuit base on the market. Paired with a cream (and possibly a fruit flavour), you have a great start to a biscuit e liquid recipe.

The Perfumers Apprentice Bavarian Cream

The Perfumers Apprentice (also known as The Flavor Apprentice) produce some of the most popular flavours on the market, and their Bavarian Cream vape flavour concentrates are one of the best creams around. With all the flavour you’d expect from a Bavarian Cream flavour. This DIY concentrate works brilliantly as part of a custard style recipe, or a dessert that needs a cream base.

Capella Sweet Strawberry

Capella flavours produce some of the best fruit flavours in the DIY E Liquid concentrate market. Capella Sweet Strawberry is the definitive Strawberry flavour for any DIY eliquid recipe. With a fresh tasting strawberry flavour packed with a little sweetness, this flavour works perfectly in a fruit mix, a dessert mix or a creamy custard wanting a fruit edge.

Capella Vanilla Custard v1

Capella not only offer some of the best fruit flavours but also the best single custard flavour on the market today. Capella Vanilla Custard v1 can be used on its own to create a deeply rich vanilla custard flavour or as part of a more complex mix to produce possibly the most decadent vape flavour you could ever imagine. With diketone free versions available in Vanilla Custard v2, but we love sticking with the original.

The Perfumers Apprentice RY4 Double

Another excellent flavour from The Flavor Apprentice and this time it’s a classic tobacco flavour. RY4 is a simple mix of three flavours - Tobacco, Caramel and Vanilla. The Flavor Apprentice version offers a smokey tobacco flavour with a smooth caramel finish and just a hint of vanilla. This is a great flavour for smokers looking to come up with their own flavour, or for the seasoned vaper to create the perfect Mouth-to-lung vape flavour.

There are thousands of different flavours available so you can DIY your own e liquid flavour, and when you mix the thousands of single flavours, the possibilities are absolutely endless.

If you can imagine it, there are flavours available to make it (even Pizza flavour!). 

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