Why is health insurance important?

We are growing at a fast pace. From engineering, medical to other professions, India undoubtedly has created a name for itself however is also home to many deadly diseases. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that life is full of uncertainties, and you cannot take risks or diseases lightly.

Hospital bills can dig a hole in your pocket and derail all your finances, yes, but what if you (the earner) are on the hospital bed, and now your family has to fend for your hospitalization charges?

It does get devastating, yes, but what if you can avoid all the tough times by just paying a small amount of premium with any good health insurance policy and be assured that yes, in time of your need, there will be some backup.

That's what health insurance is - a safety net for you and your family members.

A guarantee of compensation in the time of need

Be it an accident, hospitalization, ambulance charges, or any other diseases as per the terms and conditions of the policy; you are at peace knowing health insurance is there. 

From cashless treatment, pre and post-hospitalization charges to medical checkups and transportation costs, health insurance covers a lot of aspects and takes away your tension during the tough days. It's understandable to compromise on the treatment plan due to lack of funds, but at least with health insurance, you would rest assured that yes, in need, I have a backup for my family.

Health insurance differs from company to company, policies are different, and so are the types of insurances. You can either invest with private or government-based policies, but research thoroughly so that in the end, you are prepared for whatever comes to your or your family's way.

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