Which is the best application to download large files from the Internet?


YouTube is the name of a video sharing site that was launched in December 2005. It is known as a pioneer of online video distribution services. YouTube allows users to upload their own videos on the web and share them with other users. However, you cannot download videos directly from YouTube.

Download Large Files

Since a large file is required to play video and audio, transfer it to a device such as a computer or smartphone. Download video is performed after saving all files in the device storage. This file is not temporary and will be saved unless you delete it. You don't need to be connected to the internet to watch again.

If you are a YouTube fan and are always looking for the latest video from your favorite YouTuber, it is likely that on some occasions you needed to upload one of his videos to send to a friend or family member, or just watch it when you go to work on the subway or the bus to avoid using your baud rate.

You can also start using the Vidmate app. And since we can find everything on YouTube, we resort to the Google video service to view the available tutorials and therefore download them to have a look at them and always have them at hand, regardless of the Internet connection or the need to suffer from said advertisements showing us a platform without which we would not be able to use YouTube. Everything has a price.

There are several ways to download from YouTube. Some of them are very simple and require literally a few mouse clicks. Other ways require you to download certain software to your computer or mobile application. Either way, anyone can download from YouTube.

The easiest way to download videos from YouTube is through web downloaders. If this method does not suit you, you can try another alternative - software downloaders. You can also download from YouTube directly to your mobile phone using applications.


Vidmate download is definitely one of the best-known mobile applications for downloading from YouTube. At first glance, this app is reminiscent of the official YouTube app, which can make navigation easier. This application is not downloadable on Google Play, which can be a major drawback.

On the home page, you can search for a video or view a list of recommended videos. By pressing the icon in the upper left corner, it is possible to eject the menu in which you can log in to your profile. With your own profile, you can access the subscriptions, lists, and channels associated with your account.

There are several ways to download a video - the download menu will pop up when you try to play the video, or you can use the green arrow icon in the upper right corner. There are several types of video formats and resolutions to choose from. The application itself will write which formats are available for the given video.

There is also one handy trick, which is to use the official YouTube application in combination with Vidmate download. In YouTube, you only need to find the video that the user wants to download and use the sharing option. Here it is then possible to select Vidmate download, which will allow you to download the video.

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