Is Solving Previous Year Question Papers for GATE Exam Enough?


GATE (General Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the most prestigious and sought-after exams for science geeks in India. Every year, thousands of engineering and computer science students aspire to score well in the GATE exam to get admission to some of the best universities- including IITs and NITs. But contrary to popular belief, this exam offers more than this. For starters, a lot of PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking) now hire candidates based on their GATE score. As a matter of fact, these scores also let students apply for scholarships and many more.

This examination tests a candidate's grasp of a subject. It tests their basic understanding of the related concepts and every detail that might be important. If you are an aspirant preparing for the same, you must have extra resources other than the syllabus - one of them being the previous years' question papers. It will help you get a better understanding of the pattern of questions, especially if you are giving the exam for the first time. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the same.

Which Question Papers to Target?

The GATE Exam started in the year 1984, and it is no brainer that solving decades-old question papers won't help you with the preparation. The syllabus and curriculum keep changing. Added to it are the new discoveries, alterations in the working of machines, the ever-evolving technology, and the introduction of new concepts every now and then. So, how old should you go? The answer is to solve question papers from the last four years. Here, the GATE 2021 and GATE 2020 Question Paper are the most important and relevant to the current syllabus as well as exam pattern.

Importance of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

The question still remains, why solve the question papers from previous years, and is it enough for the preparation? Here are some of the reasons why you should be focusing on GATE 2018, GATE 2019, GATE 2021, GATE 2020 question paper:

       Candidates will be able to understand the marking scheme and pattern of questions appearing in the exams. Mock tests also help you with the same.

       Solving questions from the actual papers will help you boost your confidence.

       You can gauge the actual difficulty level of the exam and analyze the parts of the syllabus that need more revision.

       Aspirants can know their exam level of preparation and improve it over time.

       Your speed and accuracy in answering the questions improve significantly.

       You can omit unnecessary parts of the syllabus that might also be difficult for you to cover.

As far as the second half of the question is concerned, solving question papers from previous years is important but not enough. You also need a lot more resources to ensure better preparation for the examination.

Some Other Useful Resources

Here are a few more resources that you must refer to if you want to crack the next GATE examination:

       GATE syllabus to understand the important and narrowed parts of the entire curriculum.

       GATE online and offline study materials to cover the syllabus and understand the concepts.

       GATE mock tests and sample papers to understand the preparation level and mark the left-out topics.

       GATE notes and books for diving deeper into the tiniest of the concepts.

       GATE difference between and full-form articles for a better understanding of the covered topics.

If you are a tech geek looking forward to cracking the GATE exam in one go, make sure you cover all the resources that we have mentioned in this article. Refer to the most reliable sources to gather these materials, and organize your day to get better results. All the best for your exams!!

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