7 Traits business must look out for before getting an IVR number


IVR number or Interactive Voice Response number is a number that helps you interact with a computer before talking with a customer care representative. It is often used to converse instead of a customer representative also. For example, sometimes, when you dial a helpline number, you hear a prerecorded message. It helps you in choosing various options by pressing number keys in your keypad and reach a solution. This prerecorded voice is IVR.

But not every IVR is the same. Sometimes you get very clear and easy instructions from the IVR, and sometimes it is confusing. You are most likely to call the easy and clear one the next time. There is a lesson for businesses here. Opt for an IVR service provider that ensures ease of navigation and clarity of instructions.

Here are seven features a business must look for before investing in an IVR service:

IVR must ensure precise routing:

Suppose a customer calls to inquire about the outstanding electricity bill and is routed to the department that handles fires and accidents. In that case, he will not call the same helpline number next time.

Therefore, the IVR service provider must ensure that it will ensure the perfect routing of the calls to the relevant departments. It must also ensure that the customers are not made to repeat the information they have already been told. This dampens customer experience.

Today's world is full of competition. A bad customer review can really break your business. So, it is vital to ensure that the IVR you are choosing is a well-designed one.

Must provide a live agent option:

It is not always possible for the customers to find a solution via IVR. There may be chances that the relevant information is not available with the IVR. In that case, the IVR should be able to connect the caller with a representative or a live agent.

This will lead to effective dispute resolution and enhance the credibility of your company.

Must match your brand values:

Before choosing an IVR service provider, it is essential to understand the environment of your business. When the customer dials the IVR number, he should be met with the same warmth as you offer in your office.

Facilities like voice-recording, working during holidays and after work hours, a clear voice should be a priority for a professional company. The IVR you choose must synchronize with your brand.

Should recognize speech effectively:

Today customers want a quick solution to their problems. An IVR that recognizes the speech accurately and quickly will most likely provide the solutions fast. Or, it will at least guide the customer in the right direction better than an IVR that does not recognize the speech well.

This will lead to better and quick issue resolution and customer loyalty.

Should keep the menu option open for long enough:

Most of the time, when a customer dials an IVR number, he is asked to provide certain inputs to navigate through the call. These inputs are in the form of numbers. But what if the menu collapses before the caller can even input the number completely?

It will be very irritating for the customer. So always choose an IVR service provider that ensures that the menu will remain open for at least 20 seconds. IVR is supposed to help customers. Always remember.

Should not provide promotional messages upfront:

It becomes irritating and inconvenient for a caller if the IVR starts to bombard them with promotional messages before solving their query. This will result in poor customer service as well as poor marketing of the company. Therefore, it must be avoided at all costs. The IVR should never provide advertisements and other marketing messages upfront.

Should provide a touch of personalization:

The IVR should be able to fill the gap of the missing human in the conversation. It should keep the caller updated with the personalized schemes and offers. As humans, it should be able to analyze personal details and provide targeted communication.


Before choosing an IVR service provider, always make sure that it is well-tested. Run a few mock calls before activating it for the customers. An IVR number has the potential to make or break your company. It is your duty, as a business, to ensure that the above features are all available in the IVR service you are choosing.

Choose an IVR service that is clear, crisp, seamless, and professional.


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