4 Popular Types of Sarees That One Can Buy


Sarees are very much fashionable, and one can always look very stylish by wearing this Indian traditional wear. There are endless varieties when one thinks of Indian sarees because each state of this country has their own unique designs and styles. There are many variations which one can use as a regular and comfortable wear and there are also some variations which one can wear in festivities and other special occasions like functions and weddings.

If one wants to buy sarees wholesale online, they definitely get to see a huge variation of it there. From these endless styles of sarees, one can add a few variations to their wardrobes. Here are some very popular and unique variations which one can think of buying and flaunting.

Bandhani Saree

This saree has become popular because of the Bandhej work all over it. It was originated in the Kutch region of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The colours and designs are very much unique here. These sarees are printed with the tie and dye technique and that is why it is known as ‘bandhani’ which also means the same in the local language.

Banarasi saree

This is very gorgeous attire and that is why; it is worn by brides on their wedding day mostly on the eastern part of the country. This unique saree becomes different because of the intricate embroideries and abundance of zari work. These banarasi sarees are majorly made from woven silks and they have work of brocade all over the body making this saree a bit heavier to carry. It is thus better to wear them in weddings and festivals because they are not regular wear sarees.

Paithani saree

It is also the traditional saree of the Maharashtra state and here the detailed works on the pallus are given more attention to. In most of the sarees of this variation, one can get to see the scenes of Ajanta and Ellora which is hand woven on them.

Patola Sarees

They are very popular and special because of the beautiful thread work done on them. One should add them to their saree wardrobe because they are kind of a prized possession. All the original sarees are hand woven by some families of Patan which is a very small town in Gujarat.

There are plenty of other variations apart from the ones mentioned above and one can also buy kurtis wholesale online which are of various designs.

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